B2CEurope WooCommerce Fulfillment Integration Plugin

B2C Europe provides fulfilment services fully integrated in your Woocommerce webshop.

B2CEurope WooCommerce Fulfillment Plugin

B2CEurope customers and WooCommerce users can now benefit from international e-fulfilment services include warehousing, order processing, pick and pack, international distribution services and returns management. All fully integrated in your WooCommerce powered store with our B2CEurope WooCommerce fulfillment plugin.

This plugin enables realtime automated order fulfillment service for your WooCommerce store. You can manage orders, inventory and shipping status in realtime. Your orders will be synced and B2CEurope will pick & pack and ship your products to your customers. Once shipped, your WooCommerce store will import carrier tracking information. Your customers will receive a email with tracking information so they can track the shipment. Even returns are fully integrated and automated.

Automatic Order Placement

Orders placed on your WooCommerce store will be automatically send to the B2CEurope warehouse to be picked and packed.

Real time Inventory sync

Your WooCommerce inventory is always in sync with the inventory at the B2CEurope warehouse. Even if an order wasn’t created via WooCommerce!

Order Tracking Information

Once order have been shipped order tracking information is sent back to your WooCommerce store and orders get marked as complete.

Integrate B2CEurope pick & pack service in your WooCommerce store

We can help you with the integration of the B2CEurope WooCommerce fulfillment Plugin and customize it according to your needs. Please contact us for a quote.

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